The 5 postpartum essentials you’ll want to have!

It’s been almost three months since I had Alexia. I can tell you this was for SURE a different postpartum experience than I had with Audriana.

My first pregnancy resulted in a c-section, which made me want to try for a VBAC this time around (you can read my birth story here). I felt that my c-section recovery was much harder. The incision hurt like hell, I had gas trapped in my chest and I couldn’t really do much for myself or my baby for about a week after I got home.

Having a vaginal birth was an easier recovery all around for me, but it was totally new to me as well. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I read a lot of posts on Instagram and blogs to try and prep myself. I am a minimalist when it comes to stuff like this. JUST give me the ESSENTIALS. The things that work really, really well.

So here are my suggestions for MUST HAVES when it comes to postpartum care! These made me feel more comfortable and in less pain in the days and weeks following my delivery.

ONE: Adult diapers.

AKA- disposable underwear. LOL. I found these to be better for once I was home and kind of moving more, even if it was just in the house. They stayed in place better than the mesh underwear from the hospital (although, those were prettyyyyy comfy!) and felt easier to wear under leggings. I bought the Depends brand but Always also makes them too. I will say, you only get about 12 to a box so you may want to wait and use them once your bleeding is a little less heavy so you’re not using so many in a day.

TWO: Dermoplast

If you have a vaginal birth most hospitals will send you home with a few cans of this stuff! It helps to stop the pain and itching “down there.” I used it for a few weeks, not just when I first came home. I actually found that the stitches from my 1st degree tear got itchier as time went on. I felt like they really stopped bothering me around 4 weeks postpartum (which is actually when I started to feel a little “normal” again).

THREE: Fridamom Foam

I LOVED THIS STUFF!!!!! It was so cooling and soothing. I used it in conjunction with the dermoplast. So I would spray the dermoplast first, and then you just pump this foam onto your pad (or the adult diapers). I loved using it especially at night.

FOUR: Fridamom liners

These liners were great for quick relief when I didn’t have a padcicle available (which are basically just frozen witch hazel-soaked pads). I used them on the do too when I didn’t have my peribottle with me.

FIVE: Honey Pot Postpartum Pads

I LOVED these pads- specially made for postpartum recovery! These are herbal infused winged pads that absorb REALLY well. There is also the cutest little encouraging message at the top when you open the package.

In addition to these five essentials I also used my peri-bottle that the hospital sent me home with. That’s it! If you are a minimalist like me and just want the things that will get the job done- these are tried and true.

If you are reading this you most likely just had a new baby or are about to have a baby sometime soon! Congrats on this beautiful milestone and sending loves of positive vibes for an easy recovery.

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