Holiday Recipe: Mini Apple Crumbs

There are few things I love more than a hot apple pie straight out of the oven. That and gooey brownies top my list of favorite desserts.

I love making apple pie for the holidays but honestly sometimes it feels like a lot of work to do it from scratch. And often times I will make one and either the apples are too heavy and the crust begins to fall apart when you cut it OR it has too much liquid.

I came up with a perfect solution- these mini apple crumbs are semi-homemade and take all of a half hour from start to finish. I used pre-made dough and filling but mixed together my own crumb topping. It takes such little effort but they taste delicious and look adorable.

Scroll down for the recipe and images of each step. If you want to see me make them on video check out this story highlight on my Instagram!

This recipe makes 10 pies total – perfect for your holiday gatherings this season. Everyone can have their own mini dessert and no one has to share. Also, they are best served hot with caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream- but just as delicious served cold and the day after you make them.

I hope you love them as much as I do! Save the recipe below (print or screen shot) and tag me on Instagram if you make them!

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