Belly Bandit Mother Tucker Leggings Review

I am just over three months postpartum as I am writing this post. I am still carrying around some baby weight and my back is achey still from my epidural, but for the most part I feel pretty good! 

One thing that is different though is now I have a jiggly belly. Not that my belly was totally toned and buff before kids (ha- not even close. Thanks pasta!) but I did not carry too much weight and jiggle in that area. 

I was prepared for this to happen because I experienced the same thing after my first pregnancy, so I researched a bunch of different compression leggings that provided support in the tummy area. Ya know, to just hold everything in? So that I could feel confident with my new postpartum body!

After looking through a ton of different brands I reached out to Belly Bandit- their “Mother Tucker” leggings came highly recommended. I already knew I loved the brand because I had worn their Thighs Disguise my entire pregnancy! 

They graciously sent me a pair and I could instantly see why everyone loves them as soon as I pulled them on. 

Guys when I tell you that these are the mother of all postpartum leggings I’m not kidding. 

Here is what the website says they do: 

“Our Mother Tucker® Leggings utilize Belly Bandit’s world famous compression technology to keep your postpartum tummy securely tucked. The ultra-high waist provides complete coverage – perfect for discreet nursing and the postpartum core support you crave. You won’t have to worry about digging as these Mothers provide a cinch without a pinch.” 

And here are more specific details:

  • 360° of powerful compression
  • Smoothes muffin top
  • Features our No-Show Tush™
  • Ultra-high waist, hits right under bra line
  • Engages core with secure fit
  • Can be worn as nursing coverage
  • Perfect for gentle, post C-section compression

This sounded exactly like what I needed- smoothing! Not see-thru! Secure fit (so they won’t be annoying and roll down). 

All of that is exactly what I was looking for. I needed support, I wanted them to feel comfortable and breathable and THEY COULD NOT ROLL DOWN. That is my #1 gripe with thicker, high waisted leggings. 

The Mother Tucker leggings passed all of the tests! They stayed up, held me in and made me feel more confident after just giving birth. 

It’s been about 3 months now of wearing them and I honestly am not ready to give them up, even though I think at this point I need to size down a size or two. I may just need to get another pair! 

Here are my sizing tips and suggestions for you! 

-I know it’s hard to figure out what size you think you would be after baby. These leggings are thick, and do stretch but they are made to fit snug, so I would not size down. I went with an XL, but I wish I had done the large. For reference I was a size 8/10 before getting pregnant, gained 55 pounds and lost about 35 within the first month PP.  I share this to give you a frame of reference, but please remember EVERY BODY IS DIFFERENT! 

-On the website Belly Bandit suggests one size up from your pre-pregnancy size if you want to be able to wear these immediately after giving birth. If I went by this I would have been a large, which is what I think I should have gotten! 

-You may not feel ready to wear something with compression right away! And that is OK! I actually didn’t feel ready until about 2 weeks after. Start wearing them when you feel comfortable enough. 

-These are perfect no matter if you had a vaginal birth or a c-section! But I can see how these could be especially helpful after a c-section. I had one with my first pregnancy and I know I could have used the extra support after.  

My overall thoughts? I think these leggings are worth it! They have some many features and benefits. But most of all, feeling comfortable and confident with your PP body is priceless. 

You can check them out here.

Let me know if you decide to try them or have tried them in the past! Would love to know what you think. 

**Disclaimer: Belly Bandit sent me these leggings free of charge. All reviews and opinions are my own. You guys know I always keep it real! 

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