A letter to the mother who gave birth in 2020

As the world was experiencing darkness you my friend, you were bringing light into this world. 

You gave birth to a tiny miracle. One that holds so much hope for the future. 

In a time where everyone was worried about so many things- where anxiety was at an all time high- you managed to bring something that makes people smile into this world. A true gift. 

But this did not come easy. 

You worried about testing positive and your baby being separated from you at birth. 

You cried over the thought of having to give birth alone, without your partner or support person. 

You sheltered in place, wondering when you would feel safe in a grocery store again.

You went to doctor appointments alone. Saw your baby on a sonogram for the first time alone. 

You worried about how you would explain to your family you weren’t going to have visitors when baby was born. 

You needed help in those early newborn days but you had to figure it out alone.

You planned a beautiful baby shower to celebrate but had to cancel it. 

You didn’t get to create a registry in person or see your baby’s furniture before ordering it. 

You struggled to find maternity clothes that worked for you, having to return the stuff you ordered online after waiting weeks to get them. 

You labored and gave birth with a mask on. 

You and I my friend, whether we know each other or not, share a unique experience. 

We both gave birth to babies during one of the most trying, craziest times. And that is… Pretty. Freakin’. Incredible. 


You did that!

It’s been a rough year and becoming a mother in 2020 was no easy feat. But in 20 years from now our babies will be grown up and we will get to tell them just how badass their mom was.



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